EPANET Running a Water Quality Analysis

By July 1, 2015Tutorial

Steps to running a water quality analysis in EPANET:

  1. Set Quality Options in the Data Browser to Chemical, Trace or Age.  To analyze chemical breakdown such as chlorine, type the chemical directly into the box and it will be saved.
  2. If you are analyzing a chemical such as chlorine, you need to enter the decay coefficients into the Reactions Options.  You will also need to set some Initial Quality values at key locations in your network such as at a reservoir representing a water treatment plant clearwell.  The initial quality will be the constant level of concentration that the constituent leaves the clearwell.


  • The length of the simulation must be long enough for periodic results to appear.
  • For water quality models to give good results, they often require a higher level of calibration than a planning level model.

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